Arabian Interior Design style

Arabian interior design has evolved over centuries, blending influences from Islamic décor and architecture with ideas from the surrounding Mediterranean region.
There are clear signs of Greek, Italian, Spanish and French influences in the style, all churned together into an opulent and exotic mix.

beautiful Islamic décor and architecture

Moroccan and Turkish décor are perhaps the best-known specimen of Arabic interior design, romanticized and made famous by films and television. But there are variations that range from rustic and plain Bedouin-style décor to lavish, layered design that conjure up images of “Arabian Nights” legends.

Furniture is generally elaborately carved and the lighting fixtures highly embellished. Metallic elements are essential, with gold dominating the theme. And textiles of a myriad patterns, textures are generously employed to imbue the room with sumptuous style.Also, they are using layers of luxurious weaves, textures, colors and patterns is essential. This is done with the use of heavy drapery, tapestries, plush Persian rugs, rich upholstery, floor cushions, pillows, bolsters, throws and hallway runners.

 Arabian-influenced decoration

Bold use of color is what stands out most when it comes to Arabian-influenced decorating. The tones are generally earthy, with liberal use of rich reds, golds, ochres and oranges.

An eye-catching and elaborate chandelier is always the focal point of Arabic design. One should go as big and bold as the scale of the room allows. The patterned pinpoints of light and shadow these lanterns throw around them make any room feel delightfully intimate, Candles are also generously used.

Arabian exterior design style

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