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May It’s an exciting month as we are just stepping out of spring and bouncing into summer, so everyone tends to be in high spirits, one of the other benefit is the wide choice of decorating colors.
the list is endless we have identified a gorgeous color palette perfect for this month.

We might think that Glossy Front Door is a perfect choice shiny blue which makes visitors feel comfortable and adds tons of curb appeal from afar.
- Cornflower Blue, most people don’t usually associate May with blue, we feel cornflower blue is a beautiful introduction to summer. It can be made as vibrant as you like or in pastel shades due to its natural variation in color.

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- Peony Pink, we love this color idea for May, it’s such a beautiful shade of pink and peonies make such beautiful combine. Try use it with white like in wall papers or wall paintings.
- Sunflower Yellow, we often think of summer when it comes to sunflowers, MAY is a great month to introduce a little vibrancy into your venue and the sunflower yellow is a gorgeous shade for one wall of your room, for sofa cushions or even for your garden furniture..
- Blue green tinted walls, a white shag rug, and patterned curtains will create a playful atmosphere for a baby's room.
Wallpaper patterned with muted blue tones, cream-colored trim, and dark-stained hardwood floors add up to an ideal spot for a quiet respite.

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Complement in the Mood by adding wood and textiles, or some greenery for a fresh twist
A successful study space can be achieved by painting the walls in neutrals such as In the Mood. Balance the look with accents and plants
The shade comes into its own with the presence of natural lighting – varying between mineral coolness and organic warmth, depending on the intensity.

Ready to rock May colors?
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