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Contemporary is the opposite of classic and we see both everywhere. Sometimes we behold a classic place beside a contemporary one and also some people like to mix them together especially in their homes.

Nowadays, many people start to think of building or reshaping their houses to something contemporary and to go with the flow with the movement of modernity. Contemporary doesn’t mean that the old has died and you will stay your whole life living with no natural elements or old heritage stuffs like ornaments, furniture or something, also you can build or design your house in nature, it doesn’t has to be in urban life, and this is what a lot of interior design companies are doing.

The contemporary interior style has become popular because it is comfortable, simple, suitable, and it focuses on the space, shape, color and other elements. In addition, many styles for interior design are Arabian, Asian, Mid-Century, Baroque, Bohemian, and many others, but the contemporary style has become widespread and people prefer it more.

Companies like Algedra, Zen, and Lauckgroup and others, are focusing on changing lifestyles for houses and they are well-known for their contemporary styles. Zen mixes Asian tradition with its designs but Algedra is focusing more on new interior designs. Contemporary style makes everything around you perfect, and here are some features why:

No clutter: one of the rules for contemporary designs is to get rid of clutters in your house like unsuitable portraits and ornaments that exist for no reason, but you can put a few depending on the style of the room or the house generally; so that you can see order and clean lines and spaces.

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Geometric form: this is one of the main points, it helps increase space, it has to be in clean lines and smooth surfaces and anything that you want to put in your house like choosing furniture or carpets, should be smooth, simple and fit the form or the shape of your place. 

Colors: neutral, white, black are the dominant colors in the contemporary interior style. You must know how to use the right color in the right place. The contemporary style is famous for using mixtures of bright and bold colors and you cannot use bold color with neutrals; like if the wall is painted bold, then you should use neutrals somewhere else.

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Furniture: furniture should be simple and uncluttered with no curves. Upholstered furniture should be white, black, or neutral, using natural fibers like cotton, silk, linen. Chairs, tables, and sofas should fit with the space of the room and the color of the walls. Tables should not be too big and the same for other furniture.

Lighting and art: lighting plays an important role, it doesn't have to be so bright, it has to be soft and suitable for all the pieces of furniture. If there were some portraits then some spotlights should be directed to them. 

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Nature: contemporary interior design uses flowers, plants and even rocks. If space allows, spread some flowers in pots with some small stones like flint stones arranged over the soil and focus a soft light on them.

The contemporary doesn't only include living rooms and bedrooms, it deals too with kitchens and bathrooms. Your vision of the kitchen should be a little different from other houserooms when it comes to lights and colors to build this harmony with the materials, especially stainless steel, because stainless steel tells you how contemporary your kitchen is. As for the bathroom, your bathroom is your haven for cleanliness and relief. It can be decorated with chic dispenser storage and the colors are often muted.

This was a short article with some tips on why you should choose contemporary interior design.