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Clean lines, polished floors and few organic touches can powder a bathroom with a beautiful art of interior decoration. These smallest details work perfectly all together to wash the day off to bring a refreshing bathroom. Wouldn’t you want to feel revitalized just strolling in a freshly designed bathroom?

Algedra Interior Design Company in Qatar suggests bathroom decoration accessories that will beautify your bathroom interior to get your own space look gears going one step further. You can glean here one or two ideas for your bathroom remodel.

Brass accents

Both vintage and modern styles, brass has given the bathroom a new life and a new look. Alone or in combination with other similar finishes, the warm hue of beautiful brass will complement the bathroom and make a bold statement. You can pair it with peach, pink and shiny black tile.

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Indoor tree

Small spaces can be revived by indoor plants to make an impact. Artificial or natural plants both have a sophisticated look to display in your bathroom.

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Use one colour

Using one colour is a simple but crucial part of bathroom remodeling. Consider the overall colour palette of the bathroom to choose one focal point to make mesmerized users by decorative effect.

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Colourful rug

Rugs with neutral tones are more safe than colourful rugs, so general use of neutral tones stuck users into undesirable decor applications. Couldn't you want to introduce a vivid ambiance to your bathroom rather than dull it?

Colorful rugs are a great option to conceive the focal point in the bathroom interior. Some modern flair with texture or eclectic style or Bohem can complement the look with patterned rugs.

Eye-catching hardware

Use of extra storage in a bathroom is a friendly approach to optimizing the space, which will help you tuck away hideous essentials.

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Eye-catching hardware will make the cabinets more luxurious; rose gold cabinets or off-white materials may compose a more chic look. 

Pendant Light

Algedra designers believe that mastering in a bathroom is through reclaiming classic or vintage items yet adding them a brand new feel.

The classic style sink can blend in with the retro look, while the fresh white paint and oversized dome pendant make everything shine.


Another great way to offer a ton of storage without having to drill through your walls for custom cabinets and shelving is to slide it into an etagere.

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Small table 

Rounding up the best bathroom with a small table by adding the final decor touch. A small slim side table with rustic accents by the tub will provide a luxury feel. Such small tables are extraordinary pieces of artwork and can preserve natural beauty in the living edge.

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Be bold

Creating a bathroom that stands out with unique touches, doesn't have to have a large space. A timeless piece, towels and artworks with bold accents can reinforce the dazzling glimpse.

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Feel free going out with a limb or your desirable personal preference to provide utility and decoration value for your bathroom. 

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