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Open kitchens are one of the most attractive options in modern designs, especially in residential apartments and modern villas, which mostly contain two kitchens: the first is for the actual cooking tasks, and the second is an aesthetic kitchen ignoring its functional purpose; kitchens here are aesthetic only and not functional, used only for making coffee or tea.

Returning to open kitchens that are usually in apartments, they provide an open space to spend time with the family while preparing food. The design of apartments in Dubai integrates kitchen designs in an attractive way. They give the impression of relaxation, provide connection, and are free from restrictions, but all this depends on the first stage; on the ingenuity of the designer, which is the best way to break out of the traditional kitchen, and the less airy insulated kitchens.

Below we would like to share with you some ideas about modern kitchens.

Open kitchen with one wall:

In some interior designs, we may encounter an architectural division of an open kitchen with one wall. We often encounter this pattern in small apartments, and at the same time and sometimes the small size gives the best depiction of the classic, minimalist approach. Smooth framed structure with polished edges, flat doors with concealed hinges provide constant lines that look beautifully decorated. As mentioned, a linear kitchen design is best for small spaces and saves us almost all of our floor space. If you combine a kitchen island along with a linear kitchen, it will enhance the working space of the kitchen.

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Galley Kitchen:

You can take advantage of a long and narrow space by designing a galley modular kitchen. In this stunning open-plan kitchen design, you can gracefully incorporate all modern conveniences. Galley kitchens have two parallel rows of wall cabinets with marble countertops, enough for the storage needs of a small family and you can also use both sides for different purposes.

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‘L’ letter-shaped kitchen:

L shaped or corner kitchens are the most popular open kitchen designs for apartments, where it provides the best use of corner spaces and an open area in the middle. In this way, the cabinet is set next to the walls at a right angle, thus the empty middle space allows one to walk and pass comfortably within the kitchen area.  In addition, you can make an island inside the kitchen to increase the working space and storage. L letter design in your kitchen also provides various free spaces that allow you to act and add things as you like.

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‘U’ letter-shaped kitchen:

A U-shaped kitchen is a beautiful and luxurious open kitchen design, and this shape can be adopted in villas, palaces and apartments as well. It features three adjacent walls lined with cabinetry and spacious worktops in marble, which provide plenty of storage and workspace. Also, it is possible to set up the famous work triangle or kitchen triangle in this layout, experts consider that U-shaped kitchens provide the best functionality. It is the most suitable design for large families, where more than one person needs to work in the kitchen at one time.

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The peninsula kitchen:

A Peninsula kitchen is a stand-alone unit with a marble worktop or work surface, similar to an island kitchen but with one end attached to the wall. It is one of the smartest and latest open kitchen designs, which focuses on cooking and serving food at the same time and place, without obstructing the space inside the kitchen. Here, the worktop can be accessed from three sides, and more than one person can work in this design freely. In modern villas, peninsula kitchens are often used as a room divider between the dining room and the living room.

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This was a brief presentation of what Algedra Interior Design has offered to its clients during the last decade, we have always worked to provide the best experience in line with the spirit of the times and good taste.