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Choosing house colors is no easy task for the lady because she either do it right or wrong, the process of choosing your home colors plays a huge role in the overall look of the house. There are many studies and rules for choosing house colors depending on their effects and consistency in the rooms, some experts would give you specific rules to follow, while some say that the process of choosing colors have no specific rules they solely depend on the taste of the house owners and the general decor.

The colors job determines where to use it, for example White that has a shade of Beige, plays a role in brightening the place and also connect between the rest of the colors. There is an important and basic rule that must be relied on in the interior engineering process which is to stay away completely from the stark and bold colors and use soft colors while taking into account the coordination between the furniture and the wall pain. On the other hand, foreign studies indicate that the higher the White color is used the place will have extra lighting, as well as the room will look more spacious if the paint is white or in a light-color while using multiple colors will make the space appear smaller. But it is different when it comes to furniture in dark colors, because they reflect luxury.

The French colors expert William Broten "Discoverer of the theory of self-knowledge through colors" gives some general tips for the color choosing process, he stirs away from bold colors that effect the general atmosphere and the mood but depends on soft color, he provides a big range of colors that anyone can depend on to color their home especially the bedroom. While In other rooms he determines the colors so they leave the right effects on the general atmosphere. Broten sees the green color as an intimate color that provides serenity and peace to the atmosphere and helps to relax so it's better to use it in bedrooms, and bathroom, and stay away from it in the places that need dynamic and vitality.

Dark blue, such as green, fits the atmosphere that the bedroom requires on the other hand, dark red is excellent for reception rooms because it gives a dramatic effect. blue helps in communication and creates friendly atmosphere which makes it eligible for reception room. Broten sees that the pink color has a specific rule or case when used it radiates a soft serene warmth. He says that "it is a color that stimulates self and health recovery" and is therefore a very suitable color for the bedroom.

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Many choose neutral pastel colors; for a calm appearance to their homes.

Although calm and tranquility are required in some parts of the house, but a touch of bright bold colors, will add joy and radiance to the house appearance, these are some bold ideas, for bright colors for a distinctive living room and dining room:

  • Orange and green:

There can be a combination of pastel colors and bold colors in the living room, to get a balanced decor.

Choose orange as a paint color to one side of the wall, white color for the rest of the walls.

The furniture chooses it in bold color, such as green, for example, it is completely proportionate with the orange and white. Do not forget the role of accessory to give the final touch to the room, you may choose white because it is consistent with the color of the walls and furniture.

  • Yellow with light gray:

Yellow is one of the bold colors, which provides joy, but to give it some balance, it can be mixed with light gray

Yellow would be appropriate for the walls, while gray for the furniture and the floor.

As for accessories, choose it in black to give the decor an elegant and unusual look.

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  • Blue:

blue gives comfort and tranquility to the person, and is therefore suitable for use in most of the rooms in the house. To give blue decor a distinctive touch, mix it with another color, and the most beautiful color with blue is white. You can use the blue for the seats and carpets, use a sofa in light gray more white. The white color, it is suitable to be the color of the walls.

  • A cocktail of colors with white for the dining room:

The dining room needs joyful colors, to open the appetite and brighten the room, you can achieve this by selecting white for the walls of the room, with a few simple pieces of white or in the multi colors of the rainbow, you can mix it with white, for the curtains fabrics and the table cover, choose the table cover in rainbow colors, and Enjoy your bright dining room

  • Red with white:

If you want an innovative and bold décor for the dining room, so use red as the color of the seats in the dining table.

Choose white for the walls of the room, decorated with flowers along with a mixture of black and white; to complete the elegance of the decor.

  • Blue with white:

For a calm Dining room appearance use the magic mix that consist of blue and white, Make the walls, the table and seats white, while the blue for the carpet and curtains.

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