Neoclassic style in interior design by ALGEDRA

In this blog, we will talk about Neo classic style, which looks always elegant, stylish and restrained. It is such well-known style has its pitfalls. Often, we see this classic interior looks dull and very strict, weather is with decor and bombast in it, or it becomes too boring.

In this article, our designers would like to share with you a few interesting tips that allow you to make a neoclassic interior not only traditional, but also modern and to express your individual taste.

Neoclassic avoids dark shades and oppressive decor. If you want to arrange an apartment in neoclassical style, choose a combination of light colors. White, blue, cream, pearl, olive, sand colors look very nice, you can easily combine them with the interior a more light and airy, for example, in the bedroom, where the interior design impact must be more secluded and peaceful; For the living room, you can choose the warm colors: cream, gold, pearl, pink or color of the cherry blossoms.

traditional neoclassic interior

There is less furniture need in such interior compared with classical, and it helps to preserve a sense of freedom and space. Every piece of furniture not looks only beautiful but also functional. You will not find a fanciful set of drawers and cupboards in neo-classical interior. The furniture with simple and correct form without much pomp and fervor looks here much more appropriate. 

neo-classical interior furniture design
for the lighting. It plays a very important role in neoclassical interior as in the classical one: it creates the mood and atmosphere. Therefore, you need to consider several levels of light, and of course give the main role to the ceiling chandelier. It may resemble candlesticks or sparkle with crystals. The only rule – avoid excessive decoration. Everything should look easy, elegant and refined.
Neoclassic looks worthy only if every detail is in its place. Let our designers create a real masterpiece in the neoclassical style for you. contact us today on 00971528111106

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