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Moroccan Majlis Design
Moroccan Majlis Design

ALGEDRA Interior Design provides you with creative and up to the mark Moroccan Majlis designs. It was introduced since centuries and today, people want their villas to have one such Majlis for a different look. At ALGEDRA, we provide you with both men and women Majlis. This style is showcased more by playing with bright and luxurious colors, rugs (customized, Persian, etc.), show pieces, furniture style, and much more. Our Interior design services are known to be the best in the United Arab Emirates and we have extended them worldwide.

Moroccan Majlis is inspired by glamorous Moroccan design, characterized by vibrant colors and exquisite furnishings.Also, the traditional Moroccan Majlis still has its own corner in the Arabic villa designs, and a lot of people enjoy it in their villas.

Our work is fast and reliable, and we have been presenting best deals and products for many years. We would appreciate cooperating with you, to design your own Majlis, contact us by sending email to:

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